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Hi, I am Muhammad Saad-ul-Haque and I like to read books whenever I am free or sometimes even at work place too (Please don't tell my boss). This blog is for the purpose of sharing the views that I have regarding any book that I have read. Of course my review would not be a complete and error free review and will definitely have many mistakes and people are going to feel it mediocre which lacks the expert touch but who cares,  the only thing I want to do is to let people know my personal thoughts about the books which I have read.

Of course, since its my personal blog, I'll definitely post on entirely different topics as well (otherwise what's the point of having a blog) and also it'll help me just in case I'm "blogged out" or lazy enough to read and then write a review on any book. Secondly, through this blog, I also want to make sure that I keep on reading the books so that I could fill this blog by continuously posting the reviews. So this way I can really keep up with my reading habit. I also want you people to do share your thoughts in the comments section whatever you people may feel about my reviews posted.