Saturday, 5 November 2011

What I've Been Reading This Week

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To update you guys on my current "Reading Projects", I've been waiting for a long time to get my hands on to the Dan Brown's, The Lost Symbol and once I had it, I started reading it. So it's been more than a week since I started reading it. Currently I'm not even half way through as I'm reading it at a speed of couple of chapters a day. So its definitely going to take some time when the review is ready and published over here.

However, just as a synopsis, The Lost Symbol is no way different from Dan Brown's previous novels but even then I'm finding it interesting.

Secondly, I have temporarily given up on Stephen Hawkings, The Brief History Of Time (E book). It's definitely a great piece of work but I felt that I started losing it. Of course, its purely science and it might appear that the book's for nerds or only for science geeks but this is not the case as the topics in the books have been elaborated very nicely by the writer. The reason why I stopped reading it is because I feel that complete dedication is required reading it and this was what I wasn't able to render. So I'm going to return back to it once I'm done with other books.

That's it for now Keep visiting for the reviews and never hesitate in correcting my assertions whatsoever.

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