Saturday, 13 August 2011

What I've Been Reading This Week

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It's been really long time since I last posted here in this blog. The last I posted was on June 25th, 2011. Wow! that's a great deal of time.

The reason for this delay was of course, my busy schedule accompanied by my laziness. Secondly, I thought that I should only post once I'm done reading a book as reviewing a book without reading it doesn't seem to be doing complete justice with the book.

However then I realized that it's a blog and you don't need to be formal by following some set of rules and especially when then blog is your own.

So I decided to post. But this is not going to be a book review. It's just to update you people that what I've been reading this whole week so that you can expect from me that what's the new review is going to be about.

I've been reading  Collin Wilson's, "The Criminal History Of Mankind". Sound's too philosophical, huh...???
Believe me, even being a philosophical work, it's not boring at all. The book's about studying and contemplating on the reason that why human being, unlike other species, have general proclivities towards crime and why do they kill and commit crime even when there's no reason for doing so.

Of course, I'm not going to discuss the whole book completely here in this post. The only reason I posted is to let you know that  what you should be expecting in next few days.

One of  the reason for this delayed activity on this blog is also that I am reading this book through my computer and man!!! what horrible experience it is to read book electronically (I haven't yet experienced e-book readers like Kindle and stuffs like that so electronically reading here only means reading the book on your computer screen). You hardly read 10-15 pages and end up with back ache, swelled eyes and pain in your shoulders. But nevertheless I endure all these predicaments just to get my hands on these exotic books. It's really hard to have these books in your personal library as libraries or good book shops are something that are not in abundance over here (Karachi, Pakistan). So piracy is just a way to meet our ends conveniently.

Anyways, I think that's enough for a humble clarification. the book's almost complete and the review will be here in few days (I hope 10-15 days is going to be a safe estimate). Until then, you all people out there, Take Care!!!   

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